Only the beginning

For over a year now, I’ve gone back and forth on the subject of homeschooling. Sometimes my inner monologue is dizzying. I’m not smart enough, what if they’re not challenged enough in public school, I don’t want to screw them up, what if they’re bullied at school. To say I’m on the fence wouldn’t be right. I’m standing firmly with both feet on the homeschooling side, now starts the real craziness. The list of things to think about seems to grow daily. Curriculum, testing, setting up a classroom, state regulations, planning, supplies, record keeping, on and on and on. The amount of information out there is staggering. Wading through it can give you a headache.

First, something that requires no research, why homeschool? I have a feeling I’ll be asked the question a lot, but it’s more important to our family what my answer is. I suppose it begins with my lack of faith in the public school system. It’s one size fits all approach to education. I want the freedom to work with them where they need it, spend more time on something if we have to, but also be able to work ahead as fast as they want in other areas. They won’t fall behind or be too bored. I want them to love to learn and I know that will happen if they’re given the chance to pick more of what they want to study. There’s so much more besides the basics. I know that they can do and be so much more than public school would let them. I also want to have a Christ centered classroom, something they definitely can’t get in public school. Will it be easy? Of course not! It will, however, be what’s best for them.

I might have a romantic view of the road ahead of us. I see greatness in them. God has great things in store for them, for our family. Through Him is the only way this will work. It’s the only way anything works. I’ve been trying to work on recognizing when God is telling me to do something. When something stirs my heart and soul so much and I have that feeling of peace even in the face of a giant task. The education of my children is a giant task and while I could slam myself for how wrong I would be for that job, I can feel God in it.

Okay so it’s not the easiest thing to explain. There just happens to be a huge home school convention in Cincinnati this April. Isn’t that fun? When God sends you down a path and then plops these little signs, encouragements, and opportunities right in the way? I’m glad He’s in charge of things.


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