Pumpkin mini donuts

Let’s kick off this pumpkin adventure with something everyone can get behind… the mini donut. What’s not to love? It’s delicious, easy to make, and adorable! Be warned, it’s tiny size can lead to eating the majority of the batch without realizing it. I speak from personal experience. So here we go.

001 (4)

What you’ll need:

5 TBSP melted butter

1/2 c sugar

1 egg

1 1/2 c flour

2 1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/2 c milk

bowls and spoons and all that jazz

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT ALERT: I used a mini donut maker.

002 (4) My sister got me this a few years back and it’s one of my favorite little kitchen toys. You can use a donut tray, just adjust the time. Use your common sense.


I relied my magical kitchenaid again, but doing this all by hand is pretty easy. Mix together the butter and sugar then add the egg. While that’s going in the kitchenaid or after you’ve whisked by hand you should sift together the rest of the dry stuff. Do I really need to sift? Yes, the answer is always yes. Sifting is never just stuck in directions for the fun of it. It’s not fun, if you think it’s fun you’re weird. It has a purpose. I don’t know what, but go with it.

004 (4)

Sift it into a bowl so it’s easier to pour into the bowl as you mix. Alternate pouring in the milk and the sifted mixture. I used a 1/3 cup for the flour and ended up doing flour, milk, flour, milk, flour. It shouldn’t take very long to get a nice consistency.

005 (4)

You want it to stick to the paddle like that. Pretty, isn’t it?

006 (4)

Scrape it all to one side so it’s easy to scrape. Hey! Look who’s back! It’s our good friend the cookie scoop! Didn’t I tell you he’d show up again. Yeah, it’s a he. I call him Sir Perfect-scoop.

008 (5)

Hence, the perfect scoops. SIDE TIP: If you’re using a donut tray, I suggest putting your dough in a gallon ziplock bag (like piping frosting), cut a tip, and use it to pipe the dough into the tray. I bet that will make things much easier.

007 (4)

This donut maker I do 3 minutes. If you have one, it might be different, if you’re using a tray then you’re on your own, but I bet you know what to do. I know when I was an early baker I needed to have exact temps and times for everything. If a recipe was for standard muffins then gosh darn I was going to do standard muffins for the time and temp specified. Well, I’ve learned a thing or two and I’m not afraid to change the size *gasp* and even the temp and time *blaspheme!* to get the product I want. Best rule of thumb, start at a lower time than you think. You can always leave them in longer. You can’t, however, turn back time and unburn them. Unless you have a time machine oven in which case I’m totally jealous.

009 (5)

Toss them onto a nearby laid out towel. I used little tongs, then I tried a fork, and finally I got out the prong thing that goes with my cake ball maker. Yes, I have a cake ball maker and yes, you’ll get to see it in action eventually. Geez, pushy.

011 (5)

Taste test passed by the most critical of reviewers. So you think we’re done, right? WRONG!

013 (3)

Every donut needs a good glaze!


What you’ll need:

1 c powdered sugar

3 TBSP milk

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice


This is the easy part… just whisk it all together, Seriously, that’s it.

014 (4)

There are three methods I could think of for applying this awesome, sugary delight. You could pick them up and dip them, pour it over them, or use a pastry brush. I used a pastry brush like a civilized person.

015 (4)

First, I put them on a plate so as not to get the towel all sticky. Just brush brush brush as much as you want. It’ll harden up for a nice crusty coating if you wait. Or you can just start eating them. I may have done a little of both.

016 (4)

They never last long. What a lovely way to kick off our pumpkin journey!


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