Fleece hats series part four: panda

I have to say, this might be my favorite so far. Probably because I’m such a big fan of pandas. Who remembers when the big thing on youtube was that sneezing baby panda? That was the best thing in the world. Plus there was a dog that had been painted to look like a panda. Okay, maybe you had to be there.

Anywho, panda hat. There’s a little more hand sewing than the lady bug, but most of it is flat and super easy. We’ll be using buttons for eyes and the only new skill is the ears. Easy peasy.


What you’ll need:

basic hat template from part one

fleece: black, white

two little black buttons

black thread, sewing needle, machine and all that


013 (4) This is the panda parts template… 4 ears, 2 eyes, 1 nose, all in black. You want the basic hat in white, duh.

You can go ahead and sew the hat top and brim together. The only other machine stitched thing is the ears. Put them right sides together and stitch around the curve.

001 (3)

Turn it right side out, fold in half, and stitch across the bottom to hold it in place. That makes it look like an ear.

002 (3)

Well that’s the end of machine sewing, so grab your hand sewing gear and get comfy. First thing, pin the face pieces in place. You know how I feel about pinning, but in the interest of this thing not coming out looking all crazy I decided to hold them in place.

003 (3)

Hand sew all the piece in place. No special, super secret stitch or anything. Just something that gets the job done. Go ahead and sew on the eyes. That would be the buttons. I debated using buttons at all, but without something a little more 3D to represent the pupils it looks a little like a zombie panda and I was not cool with that. So, buttons. They’re easy to sew down and should be waaay harder to get off than a bead. What do you think the first thing a two-year-old would do with a hat that had beads for eyes? Or are my kids they only ones that try to rip everything apart. Oh well. Moving on.


Now for the hard part. There’s no easy way to do these stupid ears. That was harsh, they’re not stupid, they’re adorable! And annoying. A good guide is making an X. The ear edge should be perpendicular to the seam, halfway on the seam and the ear. Did that make sense at all?

005 (5) 006 (5)

I started out by doing a stitch through the ear and then through the hat. It’s all loosey goosey for a few stitches. Just hang on best you can and take it slow.

004 (4) Pain the butt, right?

Well good thing you’re done. Before you get ticked off and throw it across the room. Super cute. Hey! I just had an idea. What if you used a dark red for the hat, brown for the eyes and ears, and black for the nose. Red panda! Oh that’s good. No, I’m probably not going to do that one because I don’t have dark red fleece in my stash, but I’ll keep that on the back burner.

029 027


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