Fleece hat series part three: ladybug

009 (5) He kept asking if the buzz was done. What a slave driver, geez.

I feel like this one is sort of cheating. It’s so easy, and only adds one new thing!

What you’ll need:

fleece: black, red, white

black pipe cleaner

two black pompoms

thread: black & white

sewing needle and machine and all that jazz

pieces: hat top, brim, two eyes, antenna, four black dots (there’s no template, just eyeball it)

READ ME FIRST! Before you go back to part one and make your hat, this part is important… in the interest of not hand sewing everything, I went ahead and machine stitched the black dots onto the top part BEFORE attaching the brim. I was actually pretty proud of myself for this one.

001 (4) 002 (4)

You’ll want to put a dot in every section between the seams. There are four seams, so four dots. Pretty simple.

So you’ve done your top, and the dots, and then put the brim on. Time for the antenna. That’s from the bumblebee. I actually downgraded my pompoms for this one. Mainly because I couldn’t find any bigger ones. Seriously, giant bag of pompoms and only two medium black ones. What a crock.

007 (4)

After you’ve got your antenna, you want to make it into a little football goal and put it right on top of the brim edge, like the picture. Sew that sucker down. I started about half an inch up and just went down, across, and back up the other side.

008 (5)

Go ahead and make the eyes and attach them in front of the antenna. They can overlap a little onto the brim. I know the last two we made that wasn’t the case, but it works here.

011 (5)

Look at how easy that was! Aren’t you glad that we started with that difficult dinosaur one? Unless you’re just joining us, in which case I kinda feel like you’re a cheater mc-cheaterson. Now Cory is happily buzzing around the living room and I can hunt for little black buttons for the panda hat.

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