Remember that snickerdoodle jar recipe?

I’m a stress baker. It’s my happy place. I use to be a stress eater, but I’m working on that. However, baking is what I do to cope. I needed it extra this morning after being cussed at by a mom whose daughter darted her bike into the middle of an intersection right in front of me. I was pretty far away from her, but got a bad word and a nasty look from the mom as I drove away. Fantastic way to start the day. My stomach was in knots over it for two hours till I decided I needed to get my ktichenaid on. What a perfect time to try out one of those mixes that have been taunting me every time I open the pantry.


Do you remember this jar? No, well lucky for you I learned how to put a link in posts. So now you can go back to the original post and review.

So you’ve got your jar mix, and the other things you need that you wrote on that handy dandy card attached to the jar. Mix that 1/2 c sugar and 1 TBSP cinnamon together for the tasty coating each ball of dough will get.

Preheat your oven to 375 now, before you have all the dough set out on the cookie sheet and have to stand there like a weirdo staring at your oven, willing it to preheat faster.

I stuck the butter in the microwave for 20 seconds to soften it up because I really didn’t want to wait for it to get soft just sitting out. Other than that, throw everything into the bowl and mix it up. It’s all crumbly! Keep mixing. It’s going to look like a crumby mess for a couple minutes. No, I didn’t time it, use your eyes. Geez.

005 See, more cookie dough like.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite cookie making tools. The melon baller.

004 Oh glorious melon baller, how many perfect cookies have graced your shiny metal scoop. I know you can get official cookie scoops at Pampered Chef or Williams Sonoma, but this one probably cost 1/4 one of those fancy pants places.

No matter how it happens or what tool you use, roll 1″ balls of dough around in the cinnamon sugar and then lay them on your cookie sheet.

006 007

I fit a dozen on my big ol’ Food Network insulated cookie sheets. Be civilized, use parchment paper. I usually don’t use the suggested bake time, but this is a rare exception. It took all 10 minutes and they turned out perfect. Using my fantastic scoop made two short of four dozen. Side note, cookie spatulas are awesome.

008 009

This jar gets a huge stamp of approval! I highly suggest it, and I plan on refilling the jar with another batch, reattaching the instructions and putting it back in the pantry for when I need  calming morning of baking.

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