fleece hats series part two: bumblebee

So your fingers have stopped bleeding from all the pricks you gave yourself while hand sewing the dinosaur hat and you’re ready for round two? I promise far less hand sewing for this one. Here we go!

Do you remember how to make the basic hat? Well if you don’t, or you’re being all weird and starting with part two of the series instead of the beginning, backtrack your way to part one and read up.

What you’ll need:

yellow fleece

black fleece

white fleece

fabric or beads for the eyes

black pipe cleaner

two yellow pompoms

thread: black, white

polyester fiberfill, or some other fluffing

The top of the hat (the dome) is yellow, and the brim is black. So you should have the brim sewn to the top and rolled up but NOT sewn down to complete it yet. First you need your little bee parts; two wings, antenna, eyes, and stinger. Here are those templates:

014 (5)

Do the wings first because you sew those under the brim. Cut out two sets of wings, sandwich one pair right sides together, sew, trim, turn right side out, top stitch. Look at the template for the top stitch line, cause it’s not exactly like the original stitch. You’ll form a full, closed, tear drop with the top stitch.

022 (2) 023 (2) 024 (2)

Now lay your hat flat and tuck the wings under the brim a bit. Far enough down to give you something to sew onto. Position them how ya like and pin. But you hate pinning. True enough, but I also don’t like things falling out when I go to sew them all together. NOW you can finish the brim by doing the sew around.

005 (4)

Next up, antenna. Get your fun and versatile pipe cleaner and that little strip of black fleece you cut out. Lay the pipe cleaner on the fleece with a little bit sticking out either end, fold it hotdog style and hand sew from one end to the other. Hey, you said no hand sewing! First off, I said “less” not “none”. Just be thankful its’ just a straight line. Fold the extra bit of pipe cleaner over, clip if there’s a whole bunch extra.

006 (4)

Wondering how you’re going to attach the pompoms right? It’s a little mind boggling at first and you may want to over think this one, so let me stop you before you plug in the glue gun. In the center of all that puff is a solid, yet fabric, center. So you can actually sew straight through the pompom. Crazy, right? I thought so too. Now, you’ll have to just go by feel, cause the dead center of the pompom felt like a jawbreaker, so aim for the side of center but still getting meat so it stays secure. I went straight up and then back down through the pompom, through the antenna, and repeat 3 or 4 times, till you feel it’s secure. Fold in half and make that cute little antenna shape.

007 (2)

Okay, this part sucks a little bit. Position the antenna between the wings, with the bottom where the brim starts and sew it in place. There’s no pretty way to do this. Just start somewhere and keep sewing through the antenna till it’s secure. Stay around the bottom inch of the antenna should be fine. The eyes will help hold it in place so they won’t droop forward.

008 (4)

Remember how to do the eyes? Check back to the dinosaur hat. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Now that you’ve made the eyes, attach them to the hat. You know where, unless you’re going for some off the wall Picasso version, whatever floats your boat.

011 (4)

You forgot the stinger. No I didn’t, it’s just last. Fold the little stinger piece in half right sides together and sew up that long edge.

026 (2)

Trim if you need or want to and turn right side out. No top stitching on this one. Stuff that sucker with fluff so it will stick out straight.

009 (4) 010 (4)

Last bit of hand sewing. Attach the stinger to the back of the hat. If you have the long seam going from front to back then use that to line it up, if not, just guess.

012 (3) 021 (3)

See, wasn’t that easier than the dinosaur? Aren’t you glad you started with the hard one? Now the rest will be a piece of cake. Unless you’re starting with part two, in which case that’s sort of cheating.

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