Tutus for everyone!!


Okay, so brief background story… It took me over a year and four attempts to make it through basic Army training. I stress fractured my hip, foot, hip again, and finally cut off part of a finger (don’t worry, reattached). From 2005 on, I was on a permanent profile, meaning I could only do the walk part of the physical fitness test and I was told I would never be able to run again. Actually, I was told that should I ever try to have kids my old fracture site would probably shatter, pretty sure I blew that theory out of the water. Anywho, no running. I was medically discharged from the army because these injuries eventually prevented me from doing my job. Hey, you have to stand A LOT in the band. For a few years now I’ve been stewing on the idea of trying to run again. I mean, my injury is supposedly cured by rest and I figured five years was good enough. I tried maybe once or twice, but really didn’t know where to start, had little motivation, was pregnant, or just downright lazy. Now, here I am, done having kids, getting serious about weight loss, and enter a new awesome friend, Hanna. I feel like we’re old souls together. One of the few people who we can see each other every evening for an hour, talk the whole time not seem to run out of stuff to chat about. We’ve taken up the Couch to 5k training. I just finished day two week two of 90/120s (jogging not sprinting, mind you). I didn’t really have a goal, but then my sister told me the Color Me Rad 5k was coming to Columbus. So, I’m not signed up for that and the Color Run in Elizabethtown. PUMPED! My sister, stepmom, and aunt are running with me for Color Me Rad. Friends from here are running with me in the Color Run.

Circle back to the main point… tutus! As I was looking up these runs I noticed a lot of awesome tutus. That and knee socks, which makes sense for shin compression. I decided this was a grand idea! Turns out, totally easy to make. I’ve got five to make. I already made one for Lela. I was impressed at how easy it was, so I thought I’d share! Here ya go:



What you’ll need:

Measuring tape and scissors… you’ll be cutting a lot of tulle.

½” or ¼” elastic… I’m using ½” since we’ll be running. For Lela’s I used ¼”.

2 spools of tulle (it took me every bit of it, but I’m not super petite and I made mine a little long)… either in one color or two. If you really wanted you could get as many colors as you wanted and just divide evenly and alternate. Go nuts!

Step one: Cutting the elastic. Measure your waist and subtract about 3”. Here’s the only sewing part, I promise… sew the elastic together to make a big ol’ loop.


Step two: Cutting the tulle. This might take a little while. The length is really up to you. You can pull some out and see how long you want and double that, or use the tape measure to figure out length. I used one piece of tulle to figure out how long I wanted it. For those of you who really love to be all exact, I did mine at 34”, but as short as 24” will work. I took that one piece and used that to measure the next piece by matching the ends and then pulling along the length till I found the end. I would keep the bunch in my hand till I had about 4 or 5, then lay all but one to the side and start again. “How much should I cut?” You ask. Why, all of it, of course!

017 016

Step three: Looping. Find a pillow that your elastic fits around without stretching it out too much, but it’s snug. Fold a piece of tulle in half to form a little “U”. Pull that “U” under the elastic from the top.

002 003

Thread the tulle ends through the hole and pull down. Don’t pull super tight, you can always adjust later, but it should look about like this…

004 005

Now repeat over and over and over, round and round we go. If you’re doing two colors, alternate as you go.

TIP: If you put your index finger in between the loop and the elastic as you tighten, the elastic won’t get all twisty.

006 (left handed picture taking skills)

How easy Is that? I might try a fancier version in the future, but this works for now.



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