Twine bottles

018 (ignore the liquid fusion, turned out to be a mistake)

I loooove fall! I grew up in Ohio where fall was EPIC, but after having lived in Texas for 7 years I’ve missed it so much. The leaves changing, jacket weather, a vast array of pumpkin flavored foods. It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Slowly but surely I’m increasing my fall and Halloween decorations. Right now I have one box, but I have big plans.

A little while back, my husband had some guys over to make beer. Someone brought these very large bottles of pumpkin beer. No kidding, pumpkin beer. I looked at those bottles and saw something better, even though the labels were pretty cool to begin with. They turned out great and I wanted to share!


What you’ll need:



Low temp glue gun

Something to put in the bottle (I used a fake flower)


I started at the bottom, just about the natural little dip in the glass. Glue the first loop down so it won’t shift as you wind the rest. I put the twine between my feet, held the body of the bottle in my right hand with twine and spun the bottle neck with my left hand, using my right thumb to keep the lines close together. Go around and around and around.

020 025

There will come a point when the twine starts to slide up cause you’re on the incline. So bust out that glue gun again. It’s the low temp glue gun super awesome? But I digress. I did about a ¼” blank, then ½” of glue, laid the twine and kept going. It takes a little time, but not much. By time I got to the third bottle I figured out that about an inch from the top I could just wind again without gluing and it stayed in place. I stopped just below the bump at the top. Cut and glue at the top.

Single flowers were harder to find than I thought they would be. Off to Hobby Lobby, probably my favorite store next to Barnes and Noble. These flowers were obviously too long, so I tried to cut them with no luck. I only made a little tear in the super tough stem. So I folded where I had made the cut and put it in the bottle. The end!


Aren’t they adorable?! Just felt like fall. I think I need some pumpkin tea!!


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